Caffeine Patch

by Caffeine Patch

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released April 9, 2012


tags: punk Boston



Caffeine Patch Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: White Lies
Is it the media or is it just what other people say that makes you think you need a pill to make it through your day? Does it help when someone tells you that you're strange? We're all sick of being healthy; Someone else is getting paid. Sip, swallow, wait. Lay. Waste away. Until you feel better, but aren't the same.
Track Name: The Circle Pit
Is it a fight when even if you lose it you're a hero and the winner slain? Is this what passes as entertainment to you? Here's an ear here's a tail; Signed "Sincerely, Me". This one goes out to you completely free. You're a coward you're not a man. Dodging bullets doesn't make you brave. If you can't learn from your mistakes, maybe you'll learn from your grave. No more fucking bull shit.
Track Name: Anti/Bodies
You don't have to live inside this shell anymore. You are not a product of their problems or their views. Just because you have an open mind doesn't mean you're using it. Only talking about change is only being tolerant. The solution isn't speech when the problem shouldn't even exist. I'm sick of hearing it. Get off your high horse and do something about it.
Track Name: A Quart of Law
I watched you break in two right before my eyes. "Nothing but the truth" spoken in only lies. Walls made of solid brick were quickly turned to straw by a man who'd do anything but uphold the fucking law. Keep your badge. Keep your gun. Brothers in arms don't care what you've done. Innocent until proven innocent. The rules were made to be bent.
Track Name: Wires Crossed
Dried up from drowning you out. Breaking laws that broke themselves before they were even written. I'm drowning you out. Talk to yourself.
Track Name: Bad News
I don't know you. I don't want to. Is is that hard? Just get it through your thick skull. You're made up. I've had enough "I thought this was what friends do". Well, I guess this never mattered at all. If my time's not as good as your's and everything's my fault, when you wake up you just won't matter at all.
Track Name: No Remedy
Why do things always feel like such a chore? Why can I never look forward? Losing your grip just wouldn't make sense. You never held on to begin with.